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The Fish-O-Meter says this is a recession

August 4th, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Though the numbers that have been coming out lately theoretically prove we are not in a recession, I've got to say that the Fish-O-Meter is buzzing wildly that we must be in a recession. Why, you ask?

Because... in the years that D.T. and I have been married, every time the US experiences a recession, D.T. becomes everybody's best buddy. D.T. is one of those people who can fix just about anything, and when times get tough financially for the general populous, we suddenly find ourselves inundated with "friends" who need something repaired in their car or house, but have been mostly absent in our lives up until this point.

They'll come. D.T. is a great guy and he'll help them, but most of them will disappear again as soon as they have no use for him. It's nothing new, but it is fairly consistent to be sure. Each time D.T. gets a little more cynical and a little more cautious- at least he learns.