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Why did THIS one go missing?

December 23rd, 2008 at 07:15 am

Just a little vent this morning.

One of my dear friends has had a tough year. She's had her hours and pay cut, and she's been bounced around from job to job within her organization. She just recently failed a major exam she needed to move forward with her credentials. She sounds so sad this year.

We don't normally exchange gifts, but I found a beautiful lapel pin to send her for Christmas. I mailed it December 13 and it has still not arrived at her house- she only lives 250 miles away. It should have been there well before now.

Of the boxes I shipped, why that box? It was only $20 so I didn't insure it. Looks like my friend is not getting her beautiful pin and I'm out $25 (with shipping). What a bummer. :^(