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Goodness- buying a new car today!

April 15th, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Or at least 95% positive we are buying a new car a little later this afternoon. The dealer has brought in the exact car we wanted and the price (in writing) is superb.

We are each closing in on 40 and neither of us has ever bought a car. DH took over an older sibling's car in high school, and I had an inexpensive one that my brother found for me after high school. DH still drives my 22 year old car to work every day (70 miles total). His car, that I was driving, is 31 years old and starting to experience some reliability issues. It's old and it's getting harder and harder to find parts for it, so we knew we couldn't use it as a daily driver forever. It broke down and needed the first tow of its life two Sundays ago. The tow truck driver just shook his head and commented that this wasn't unlucky- any car that only needs 1 tow in 31 years is pretty darn lucky. I suppose he's right, and even though we will be keeping the car as a hobby car, I'll still sort of miss driving it.

Hopefully I'll like driving a new Honda Accord as well- though I'm not looking forward to higher insurance and registration costs.

I'm excited because this is somewhat overdue, but worried about depleting savings a little and the added costs of having a new car.