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Finding a Foothold in the New Economy

April 30th, 2008 at 11:43 am

I'll admit I've been feeling a little down regarding recent inflation and its effect on my once fine budget. It's definitely "putting a crimp on our style," so to speak.

Rather than mope about it, I suppose now is a good time to reassess our expenses as they come up and decide if we really do need them, if they can be reduced, or if there's a suitable sub available.

While I'm a little bummed about starting to cut some of the little luxuries life has finally afforded us, I'm still immensely grateful for the quality of life we can maintain at present; if it doesn't compare to most American's lifestyles, it's still embarrassingly good compared to much of the world.

Still, it hurts on some level to be reminded by others, often in a patronizing manner, how fortunate I am to have these luxuries to sacrifice. Of course those pointing this out are not yet at the point of making sacrifices; much easier to complain about snow on your neighbor's roof, eh?

So onward we go, more careful than ever, not thrilled about having to be the bad-guy-money-police again. It was nice to be able to loosen the purse strings, even if it only lasted a short time.

Living consciously can be brutal.

7 Responses to “Finding a Foothold in the New Economy”

  1. Tijdzhania Says:

    I can understand what you mean although in a limited way as I have yet only been financially self reliant for the last 4 years. Welcome to the community, I hope it gives you solace when you need it.

  2. sagegirl Says:

    I hated being the "bad-guy-money-police" also. but, it is your job as a parent to "lead by example". I keep thinking my kids will one day thank me for it. Someday. Maybe. But right now the 4 year old is still pretty ticked that I said "No" to a new Spiderman toy. Smile

  3. englishteacher Says:

    Hey! Welcome to the community!

  4. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Greetings! You'll find a community here of people having to make the same decisions as you. Living consciously can be made bearable with good company.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    Welcome, glad you joined us!

  6. FrugalFish Says:

    Ha! Sagegirl, my DD is only 2 so she's not my money-policing problem! My DH is so laid back and figures everything will just work itself out- what he fails to realize is that I'm the one who always works it out.

    Thanks for the welcome to this section, everyone!

  7. Petunia Says:

    Welcome FrugalFish! Any chance your fish bowl is next to my onion patch? Our DH's sound similar. Smile It's been a great help to me to be with like-minded folk, hope you'll feel the same.

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