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Oh Ouch- Over Budget

May 22nd, 2008 at 07:54 am

This month did not play out well, LOL. With the monthly budget coming largely to a close on Monday, we are well over budget for the month. It happens sometimes- at least we have been under budget more than not, which makes up for months like these.

A 6 month auto insurance policy was due, and while we plan for that, we also try to keep other expenses down in those months to help compensate. This month was a little different though. We needed $300 in unforeseen auto parts, $200 in home repair supplies, D.T. needed 2 fillings, and then the cat needed her RX meds bought. It just added up to a lot of expenses this past month.

The money is there though. This is why I keep a "pad" in the checking account.

The May-June cycle should be a bit better. As far as I know, nothing huge is looming for that period. The June-July cycle may end up over budget though, so we need to stay well below budget for the next 30 days.

We did really well on groceries this cycle though, only spending $230 for the month and it included a good deal of meat that went in the freezer. I have not yet calculated auto gas for the month, and am not looking forward to doing so. I have not even left the house in more than a week and am going stir crazy. D.T. said the last tank he bought was at $4.07/gallon. It haunts me how much worse it will get before it levels off for a while. Oh well, D.T.'s got to get to work.

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